Surviving in the contracting business with unique technology

  • August 27, 2021
  • Hari Narayan
  • 3 min read

Question – Did you know what is common among the following builders and construction projects, HiranandaniPreston IvyZion Villa 320Zion Hills, Bangalore and the Confident Group.

Answer – They all used Rincon Realty’s contracting services.

It will also come as a surprise that apart from these premium projects Rincon Realty also does projects for the medium and low income groups as the one currently being done in Telangana where 2BHk homes are being constructed. This was a project that was turned down by most contractors as the profit margins for them were little to none. So that brings us to another question. How did Rincon bag this project?  Answer: Using Rincon’s unique low cost construction technology.  Some of the technologies we are experts in are –

  • Sheer wall with Raft Foundation that uses Rincon Fiberglass Plywood Composite
  • Superior Concrete blocks

The advantage is speed of construction. Rincon can deliver an amazing 10 houses per week!

Not just low cost technology but superior technology

Let not the low cost and innovative technology give you the impression that this will create an inferiorly constructed home or flat. Rincon’s Fiberglass Shuttering is one of the latest in technology that outperforms aluminium shuttering in costs and in quality. The result is a perfectly cast roof with the smoothest finish that requires no plastering. Can you imagine that! Here in our method, there is no need for internal, external and ceiling plastering which are both cumbersome and expensive. In comparison existing aluminum formwork and aluminium shuttering systems such as Mivan Shuttering cost more and they aren’t suitable for a wide range of projects.  Besides these there are several other advantages. You can read a detailed comparison of the conventional shuttering systems and Rincon’s Fibreglass Shuttering at the page here.

Besides these there are several Builder and Home Buyer benefits. These are listed here on our website. Our prices and requirements and our deliverables are explained in detail here on this page.

Our concrete blocks are way different and superior to other concrete blocks being mass manufactured, sold and used at construction sites. We do not need to report the innumerable accidents at constructions sites that use inferior quality material. Unlike concrete blocks that are transported (causing further expenses and damage to the blocks) our concrete blocks are made on-site with a capacity of 2000 blocks per day. The quality of our concrete block is also superior in that it doesn’t absorb water and if a block doesn’t absorb water it also doesn’t need to leak water. To know more about our concrete blocks visit this site page.

The result of such a construction technology helps us build beautiful things such as –

  • Concrete Kitchens
  • Exposed concrete walls

If you think you can have a great kitchen only with Granite (Thank God, Kadappa slabs are out!) then you need to see what we can accomplish with concrete. Take a look at our site and decide for yourselves. We can customize too.

And if you are a connoisseur you’ll love our exposed concrete walls. Take a look at what we can do for you.

So if you have a requirement for such services or if you require a quote do contact us and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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