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Our Offering

Shuttering and centering for slabs, beams, columns and also walls with our own fiberglass plywood composite concrete formwork and labour.

Profit from our perfection
Fast delivery and time savings
save time aand energy

Benefits Like No Other

  • Higher carpet area
  • No ceiling/wall plastering required with our smooth finish
  • Clean straight lines and perfect angles


Clear Winner

  • Quality: vastly superior to what conventional contractors deliver.
  • Time: 30% faster than conventional contractors. Our formwork is designed to enable rapid construction.
  • Price: lower total cost than conventional contractors.
  • Complete suite : Shear wall and centering including beams and columns.
  • Custom-designed specific to project plans.
  • Finish is Superior and upmaket.
  • No plastering required, saves money and cuts down construction time.
  • Extremely cost effective in projects where there is repetition of floor layouts.
  • Suitable for mass housing projects, villas and high rise buildings.
  • Resulting RCC structures are highly durable compared to bricks and blocks.


Scope of work Location Price
Slabs, beams, columns

All formwork material & fixing

No steel bar-bending

No concrete pouring

Sft as per concrete surface area



(No need of plastering)
Walls – 6 inch thick

All labour & material (cement, sand, etc.)

Smooth surface finish (no need of plastering)
Cast with M15 concrete (own mix)

shuttering-contractors-centering for stairs
shuttering-contractors-shear wall setup
shuttering-contractors-shearwall full
Low cost shuttering contractors in chennai
shuttering-contractors in chennai


  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Coimbatore
  • Cochin
  • NCR


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