Save time and money, avoid plastering

An excellent custom made formwork solution for your requirement as follows:

  • Full fiberglass material (NOT fiberglass-with-plywood). Custom made, moulded, specific to your purpose. This formwork cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Repetitions: 100 to 200 repetitions depending on usage/care.
  • Locking System: We will provide a system for easy locking and easy de-shuttering.
  • Centring Material: jacks, spans and other supports are NOT included


  • Smoothest finish among existing concrete formwork and shuttering systems
  • Unmatched building quality and durability
  • Lower cost, no plastering required & faster project delivery
  • Easy customization and repairability
  • High re-usability

READY TO USE: Formwork made as per your requirement.  Our cost includes making charges. Span & posts are not included.


Description Rate, Rs./sqm Qty, sqm Cost, Rs.
– Fiberglass formwork for stormwater drains as per sizes shared by email

– 5 sides (outer wall X 2, inner wall X 2, slab bottom X 1)

– Length – 2 m

₹4,196 1,000 ₹4,196,000
– Sample material for trial: 450mm X 450mm drain form work sample of 4.94 m2.

– 5 sides (outer wall 2 sides, inner wall 2 sides, slab bottom)

– (Slab thickness 110mm)

– Delivery time: 2 weeks from date of order and 100% advance.

Lumpsum   ₹75,000
Total     ₹4,196,000

Photo Gallery-Storm Water Drainage


  • Fully waterproof
  • High abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance
  • High repetitions
  • Very light weight
  • Low chance of theft at site


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