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Rincon is promoted by one of the partners of Agarshans, a 50 year old construction and engineering company. Agarshans started its operations as a government contractor and executed industrial and infrastructure projects like furnishing and laying of oil pipelines for ONGC, laying of sewage systems, large residential development, roads, factories and warehouses. As a real estate developer, Agarshans, promoted multi-storied commercial complexes, shopping complexes and large residential colonies.

After Agarshans, the Rincon team worked at Anmol Shrusti. Anmol Shrusti started in 1996 has presence in Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai with registered office in Chennai. Anmol Shrusti has built residential apartments, commercial complexes, a gated community of plots and homes, designed & executed interiors for homes and offices.

Our Name

Rincon – in Spanish means corner or angle. It is also a popular beach in California, USA. The founder is also a surfer, his fascination for the Rincon beach and the picture perfect waves and the geometry formed the basis behind the naming of our organisation.

What is unique about us?

Technology – We believe there is a huge opportunity to improve customer experience, project management and marketing by using technology.

Innovation –  From our own custom smooth shuttering sheets to cast in-situ concrete walls, onsite concrete blocks to waterproofing techniques, innovation has been a habit at Rincon. No matter how challenging the situation may be, we will always find the best way to get the quality and function you deserve.

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