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Rincon Springboard is a disruptive approach to house construction. Shear wall with raft foundation using Rincon Fiberglass Plywood Composite concrete formwork. We cast the house at your site. This is not pre-fab, pre-cast, GFRG, gypsum board, container house construction. Nor are the houses made of steel shipping containers. Call us for more info: +91 97909 64110.


  • Method: shear wall with raft foundation
  • Solid: steel reinforced cement concrete (RCC) construction
  • Cost: significantly lower cost vs conventional construction

Benefits vs. Conventional Method

  • More carpet area 
  • Better seismic (earthquake) resistance
  • Less leakages
  • Less dampness

why choose rincon realty

  • New technology
  • Solid concrete wall construction
  • High quality materials workmanship
  • Fast construction – delivery in 2 months
  • Proven technology that has been used in the construction of high-rise buildings
  • IIT Madras approved structural design
  • Eco-friendly construction method with 30% less CO2 emissions
  • Architect designed floor-plan design
  • Max: G + 1 



Scope Of Work


  • Plumbing, electrical
  • Painting
  • Doors & windows
  • Flooring

NOT Included

  • Underground sump (water tank)
  • Overhead tank
  • Compound wall
  • Gate


 Structure  RCC shear wall
 Foundation  Raft foundation
 Plumbing  Concealed lines
 Electrical  Concealed lines
 Flooring  Vitrified tiles – 2 feet X 2 feet
 Wall dado  Ceramic tiles

 Bathroom – 7 feet

 Kitchen – 2 feet

 Paint  Oil based distemper

 Putty (1 coat) only for internal   walls

 Main door  Moulded door
 Bathroom door  PVC
 Bedroom door  Flush door
 Sanitarywares  Parryware
 Wash basin in living   area  No
 Electrical fixtures  Anchor Roma
 Kitchen platform  Kadappa
 Windows  Aluminium
 Additional items/

 Not included/

 Extra cost

 Overhead tank,

 under-ground water tank,

 septic tank,

 compound wall,


 electricity-board panel,

 parapet wall

Who we are

Rincon Realty was established in 2014. The company is headed by Sumeet Gulechha, whose family has been in the construction business for 50+ years. We practice innovation and have developed our own formwork technology. We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly business; and our shear wall construction generates 30% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional construction method. When you choose to build with Rincon Realty you can expect to partner with a team of trusted and reliable professionals.

Satisfied clients include Vellore Institute of Technology, Telangana Govt., and Preston Developers.

Please note that we are contractors, not property developers. When choosing Rincon Realty for your building needs:

  1. We offer a fixed architect designed 2BHK floor plan and specs. (custom home design, vaastu compliance is not currently available)
  2. You will be required to provide your own land/plot
  3. Construction approval is on a case by case basis
  4. Advance payment is requested
  5. We do not sell ready-made houses

Successful builds have included 2 lakh sq ft near Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and 16,800 sq ft. in Nirmal District, Telangana.

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Affordable housing project at Nirmal district, Telangana. 

Under the Ministry of Housing, Govt Of Telangana

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