Why India is moving to Rincon HCB?

  • Low porosity
  • Lightweight
  • Save on plastering
  • High vertical strength
  • No chalking
  • Dimensional consistency

About Rincon HCB

Rincon Hybrid Concrete Blocks are premium solid blocks designed to have low porosity. They don’t absorb water easily and dry up quickly thus reducing leaks and dampness. Low porosity makes it a lot easier to plaster with minimal material and is quickly ready for painting. It’s a combination of proven technologies and a result of years of R&D in cement science.

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Rincon HCB is a favorite choice and ...

Better than: Red bricks, fly ash bricks, solid concrete blocks, hollow concrete blocks, porotherm, CLC blocks (cellular lightweight concrete) and AAC blocks (aerated autoclaved concrete)
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  • Concrete Forms Alternative For Plastic, PVC, Aluminium And Mivan Formwork
  • Shuttering Concrete Block

Current Production Capacity

1,00,000 blocks per month per site.

Available in

8″ X 8″ X 16″ Inches

Any other sizes as per client requirement.


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