exposed concrete walls Chennai, Bangalore

Industrial chic

Deliver on your design promise. The concrete wall that gives perfect raw and almost industrial edge to your design.

Custom made exposed concrete wall sample - Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Coimbatore

Flawless execution

We have mastered the art of executing that perfect concrete wall that in itself can be the masterpiece element of a given space. Now design without fear and we will deliver on your promise.

Original beauty

These are neither precast nor the plastered masonry walls, there is nothing to hide or to cover up. These concrete walls are created onsite and cast to perfection. A finish that’s unmatched original and raw, like you had envisioned.

A designer's boon

Contracting for master builders, daring architects and dreamy designers who never settle for less, has kept us inspired to innovate constantly. Where many have tried and given up, we were at it till we mastered it. Exposed concrete walls as they were meant to be as they are dreamt of, look no further.


    • ₹ 450/Sqft
    • Min. Order: ₹ 5 Lakhs
    • Lead time for casting: min. 2 weeks
    • Requires 1 week to cast
    • Width: 4” – 9”
    • Max height: 10 feet
    • Wall edges can be rounded
    • Concrete grade: M20 (M15 – M30 possible)
    • Shuttering material: unique fibreglass reinforced plywood
    • Locations: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Coimbatore
    • Additional coating, wall decoration, additional design at extra charge.


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