Shear Wall FAQ

1)What is the cost?

Estimated construction cost is Rs. 1,950/sft.

  • Minimum : 300sft
  • Note:
  • Includes Bare Shell Structure, Aluminium Windows and Ventilator ,Vitrified and Ceramic Tiles 2×2, Complete Bathrooms with concealed plumbing, Piping & Sanitary fixtures, Standard Electrical concealed Lines & fixtures(Switches & Sockets), Kitchen Counter Top, Kitchen Tado Tile 2×2, Bathroom wall cladding, Water proofing, Painting, Safety Grills, MS Railing, Standard Parapet wall – 2’6″ height, Simple Elevation Design.
  • Does not include Underground Sump Water Tank, Overhead Water Tank, Septic Tank, Terrace Tiling, raising floor level, Compound wall, Gate, Lights and Fans, False Ceiling, Architechtural drawing, Borewell, Designer Elevation at extra charge
  • Please note that actual sft rate will be calculated based on current raw material pricing
2) what is the method of construction you follow?

Do you follow the traditional methods at a lower cost? or do you follow any specialized method to bring down the cost? Do you use any recycled materials in your construction

  • Method: shear wall with raft foundation
  • Solid: steel reinforced cement concrete (RCC) construction
  • Cost: significantly lower cost vs conventional construction
  • No, we do not use any recycled materials.
3) What are the benefits over conventional construction method? Why rincon?
  • 120% Faster: for G+1, we hand over in 3 months
  • Structural Strength & Durability: Since every part of the building is a load bearing structure, our buildings have unmatched earthquake resistance
  • 25 % Cost Savings: For the exact same specs, our estimate is minimum 25% cheaper while offering much better structure
  • Your experience: Unlike local contractors, who delay projects to escalate costs, we are a professional setup and have a reputation of timely deliveries. keep up to our timelines (unless delayed due to rain or natural event).
4) How do you demonstrate your quality in comparison with others?
  • Strength:
  • Superior Earthquake Resistance in comparison to conventional construction
  • Same Mivan technology used in 20+ Storey Buildings by popular builders such as Bashyam, Metrozone
  • Finish: Excellent Finish in comparison to traditional construction (attach Photo)( compare your wall with traditional walls)
  • Long Life & Savings on Maintenance: In comparison to brick and mortar construction, minimal Structural Cracks due to Uniform Load Bearing and hence significant savings on Maintenance over lifetime of the building.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Achieve and Maintain High standard of work that enhances our reputation and those of our clients and stakeholders
  • Seek to achieve and maintain best practise methodologies throughout our construction activities
  • Meet our clients requirement and meet or exceed their expectations
  • Always maintain an effective quality management system applying to our construction activities
5) You have constructed both Low Cost Housing and Luxury Villas. What is the difference, since they are two different segments?

In terms of the structure and specifications they both are the same. The difference is ONLY in the finish. A luxury villa has a much higher budget for finishing which includes designer light fittings, false ceilings, textured wall finishes etc.

6) Is this low quality construction? Do you compromise on quality?
  • As mentioned above we have completed projects for Leading Luxury Villa Developers with the exact same technology and have already surpassed their quality control checks.
  • Standardized Construction – As mentioned above, we have a standardized process in construction technology and we are promising the exact same structural specification.
  • If your budget is higher you can go for more expensive finishes, such as granite, marble, luxury light fittings etc.
  • We ensure that the materials delivered at site are of the right specifications and as per the client requirement.
  • We do not compromise on the quality of Raw materials(Structure and finishing)
  • All our materials are ISI approved.
  • Quality Assurance by quality check at site is done by the experienced engineers from time to time
7) Will the building be strong?
  • Yes, all walls and slabs are made of RCC ,this is a very strong structural design in comparison to normal constructions.
  • The Structure is strong enough to resist the seismic load
8) How many floors can you build?
  • This technology (shear wall) is being used for high rise buildings (20 floors).
  • Currently our focus is only on revolutionising residential and commercial building construction of up to G+2 floors.
9) Where can I see your construction?

We have ongoing and completed projects in Chennai, Kolar, Nirmal district and Hyderabad. Please call us in tel:+91 97909 64110 and we will provide you the location details to visit. Baashyaam Pinnacle Crest at Sholinganallur and Prestige Towers in Porur are few projects that have used shear wall technology for their construction.

10) What are the payment terms?

Normally we take payment as:

  • One Lac rupees as token advance
  • 35% of the Contract value at the start of the foundation work
  • 25% of the Contract value at the start of the Ground floor, wall and slab
  • 20% of the Contract value at the start of the First floor, wall and slab
  • 20% of the Contract value at the start of the Finishing work
11) Architectural Design, Elevation & Approval?

For architectural designs alone, If you choose from our existing design library, it is free. New design and customization to our existing designs will attract additional architect charges. Approval charges are to be borne by the client. For any modifications from existing plans, we are happy to connect you with our preferred Architects who can take care of designs and approval.

12) Is it possible to add more floors in the future?
  1. You have to tell us in advance how many floors in total you plan to build and we can plan/design structure accordingly. This can help in case you have plan to build additional floors in the future
  2. For adding floors in the future. You need to use the same shear wall construction method
13) Can I construct more than 3 floors?
  • Yes, we can construct more than 3+ storey buildings
  • If you plan for a 3+ storey building, please let us know in our Client KYC Form and or before we proceed with structural design and we can.
  • By default, we design our buildings for Ground+2 floors.
  • Ground Floor: Shear Wall
  • First Floor: Shear Wall
14) Tell us about your History of work
  • Low cost housing: 15000 sft in 24 months at Nirmal district, Telangana
  • Luxury Villa:
    • 2 Lakh Sft in Hyderabad (Project by Preston Builders near Jubilee Hills)
    • 20,000 Sft in Kolar, Bengaluru (a residential golf course project by Confidant Group)
  • Commercial/Office Space:
    • 10,000 sft in Tambaram (Vellore Institute of Technology)